Event Marketing Campaigns


  • Juan Gabriel and Marc Anthony are top selling concert attractions in the US.  In major markets the goal for the Juan Gabriel event is to sell 30,000 tickets and Mark Anthony 15,000 tickets.  
  • We utilized social media tactics to promote, engage and attract fans to the events.  We first came up with a strategy to roll out the announcement of the event in a creative way such as a guessing game via social media one week prior to tickets going on sale.
  • Then we enticed the fans with social media activation using pre-sale codes to further excite and engage.  A ticket giveaway contest was then orchestrated featuring song lyric trivia and artist trivia that rewards contestants with correct answers or content sharing with either random winners or fan “likes” to select winners.  We then promoted different concert events in individual cities by mentions of city names and local trivia.  
  • The night of the event we would post pictures sound check, interviews, giving of autographs, backstage extras, concert footage and video of performance and fans.  This further enticed fans yet to by tickets for upcoming events.  
  • The result sell out venues in major markets across the US.

Business Events

  • We have promoted business events ranging from networking events to workshops, public hearings, golf outings, fundraising dinners and lectures.  

  • Engagement begins with email marketing activation to contact list with blog articles.  Articles written for newsletters link back to a dedicated landing page.  

  • Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter attract attendees with engaging information foreshadowing the information to be discussed at events.  Biographies and pictures of speakers are released via content and social channels to further entice attendees.  In some cases, prizes, auction items or giveaways are promoted via social channels to excite the community with value added gifts.  Itinerary is released several times over email, direct mail and social channels.  

  • The day of the event pictures and video are posted to engage the community for future events.  The following day gratitude is expressed via all channels.  

  • The result an engaged community interested in attending future events relevant to their profession or business.


Tourist Events

  • We were tasked to promote a restaurant tour in a unique, creative fun way to promote tourism in the Pilsen neighborhood and encourage increased participation of restaurants. 
  • We proposed an original idea to promote the restaurants by writing 30 restaurant reviews to highlight the individual restaurants on the tour to the different forums, blogs, e-marketing channels and social media outlets.  We posted the reviews using the dashboard to promote evening dining.   We also developed an idea to increase exposure of the event and the restaurants by conducting a Check-in contest.  We researched the outlets Foursquare and FB places.  We organized the contest and tracked participation of the Check-ins to award the gifts certificates to winners.  We then provided the restaurants with a record of their social engagement. 
  • The result:  The tickets for the event sold out quickly and there was a 25% increase in restaurant participation the following year.  The restaurants themselves reported increased traffic in their establishment and renewed commitments to continually participate.


  • We were tasked with promoting a cultural event to raise money and promote tourism.  We collaborated with department heads to come up with a communication strategy to highlight the event itself.  We wrote the content to promote different activities ranging from a Mole cook-off, to Mexican Wrestlers, Child Mariachi band, family activities, fire dancers and bull riding.
  • We posted the content through e-marketing, social media and email marketing channels.  We wrote and distributed press releases and engaged with traditional media partners to coordinate interviews and taping schedules.  During the event we tweeted and posted pictures to social media sites to enhance our communication strategy. 
  • The result was we increased traffic and double attendance per day.   We reported the analytics of the web and social media to the board of directors and provided insights to increase success for future events.
  • The event was profitable for the first time, the feedback on social media outlets were overwhelmingly positive and the restaurant participants reported increased traffic due to the event.    We received a bonus for surpassing objectives.