What People Are Saying

This letter is my personal recommendation for Yolanda Ortega. I have been Yolanda's immediate supervisor while she has graciously consulted at our organization. I found her to be consistently pleasant, tackling all assignments with dedication and a smile. 

Yolanda is a take-charge person who is able to present creative ideas and communicate the benefits. She has successfully increased our outreach and marketing plans for our organization that have resulted in in more public involvement. Since she began volunteering at ESDC, we have seen an increase in public service and have been able to implement our goals and objectives more efficiently.

I highly recommend Yolanda for employment. She would make a great asset to any organization. 

Hector Saldaña
CEO, Chief Consultant at The Nexus Group


Yolanda Ortega has limitless creativity when it comes to social media marketing. She has increased El Hogar del Nino's visibility through hard work, collaboration, and a willingness to learn about new applications and tools. One can tell that she loves what she does and because of that love, she excels at it. I highly recommend her to any organization/institution seeking a reliable and accomplished individual.

Veronica Studnicka
Nonprofit professional, seasoned fundraiser, creative visionary


Yolanda is a hard and incredibly fast worker. When given a new task to complete she makes sure she knows what needs to be done and completes the task quickly and accurately. Her bilingual work has been a huge help as she has translated a number of significant documents. Yolanda is very friendly, has unlimited energy and would be a great organizer of any social event.

Michaelene Zawacki
Director of Operations at Zenya.com


Yolanda’s work as a Keyword Creator for Info.com / Zenya demonstrates a good understanding and application of the specific work at hand as well as an eagerness to see how it applies in the larger scope of search engine marketing and search engine optimization. The day-to-day work is intensive and meticulous, as well as high-volume. Yolanda is able to produce clean, targeted, well-constructed content. Her work on the bilingual side has been very helpful for us as well, targeting SEM and SEO content to non-English speaking users. She is able to juggle several different primary tasks on a daily basis, as well as rise to the challenge of frequent, unanticipated rush projects.

Regan Davis
Experienced Product Development Strategist